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What we do

Spanish Cooperation humanitarian aid food bags.


Through its development cooperation policy, Spain has made a huge contribution to development in recent years yet within a context of limited resources that forces us to be more effective and to apply selectivity and concentration criteria to our activities. The perspective gained from facing such challenges is precisely what drives us to work towards a Spanish development cooperation policy of increasing quality and effectiveness. Spanish Cooperation has taken a huge step forwards in this respect with its 4th Master Plan, which establishes a results-based approach as the guiding framework for all cooperation work, both in partner countries and at home in Spain. In fact, this focus on achieving results has led to the creation of a big part of this block.

The projects that we are carrying out are presented in this block from a twin perspective: on the one hand, of defining the cooperation policy with international agendas, a focus on geographical priorities through responsible concentration, and the general guidelines and lines of action that help to steer all efforts in a single and concrete direction; and on the other, of channelling this policy according to different typologies and its implementation through methods and tools received by the beneficiary through the humanitarian aid programmes, projects and initiatives that are carried out on the ground.


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