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Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund (FCAS)


Logo of the the Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund (FCAS), created by Spanish Cooperation

What is the Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund?

The Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund (FCAS) is a fund created by Spanish Cooperation with the aim of ensuring access to drinking water and sanitation in the poorest communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. The lack of these basic services is one of the factors that condemns millions of people to poverty and has a negative impact on health, education, gender equality and environmental sustainability in the region.

The fund was created at the end of 2007 and after a design and institutional consolidation process, it became active in October 2009. It currently totals 1.7 billion dollars (approximately 1.33 billion euros, of which donations from the Spanish Government account for 796 million). It is the result of Spain's commitment to promoting access to drinking water and sanitation as a fundamental human right, as established in the 4th Master Plan for Spanish Cooperation, and plays a important role in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The fund is a development cooperation initiative that adheres to the principles of the Paris Declaration (PD) on Development Aid Effectiveness.

The fund allows for water and sanitation programmes and projects to be launched in partner countries in the region, prioritising the poorest countries and the most vulnerable communities. The fund is mainly used to provide the infrastructure needed to guarantee access to water and sanitation in communities that lack this service, to support the creation of efficient, transparent and participatory public management systems for these services and to strengthen institutions and public agencies in recipient countries in order to foster the design and implementation of comprehensive policies that ensure the sustainability of water resources.

The fund is managed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) through the AECID Department for Cooperation with Latin American and the Caribbean, which oversees the Office for the Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund. In terms of how the fund operates , it has an Executive Committee made up of various Ministries related to this field and an Advisory Council with members from both the public and private sectors and Development NGOs

The section Changing lives: the impact of Cooperation contains various testimonies from people whose lives have been transformed thanks to the work of the FCAS fund.

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