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Type of Spanish Cooperation

Source: International Monetary Fund (IMF)


Official Development Assistance (ODA) is defined as the flow of financing administered by official agencies (state or local governments, etc.) to countries on the list of aid recipients drawn up by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC). Its main objective is to promote development and it must fulfil a set of concessional criteria.  This flow can be administered either directly to recipient countries or through multilateral development institutions in order to reach said countries. This system gives rise to various ways of channelling assistance since it covers:

Multilateral assistance: Official Development Assistance (ODA) that is administered to Multilateral Development Organisations (OMUDES) in the form of either compulsory or voluntary general budget contributions.

Bilateral assistance: there are two types of bilateral assistance:

  • ODA that is directly administered by the donor country to a partner country, whether through State institutions or a series of other participants (Development NGOs, cooperation delegated to other countries, partnerships, companies, etc.).
  • ODA that, being bilateral, is channelled to OMUDES funds or programmes, where its sectoral and/or geographical destination is decided, known as Multi-bilateral assistance. As such, it does not include general contributions.

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