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The main duties of the Statistical Service of the Office of the Secretary-General for International Development Cooperation (SGCID) are to  compile and analyse the flows of development cooperation, providing information about the Development Assistance of all contributors to Spanish Cooperation. This service also participates in international debates about development assistance statistics and especially within the Statistical Work Group of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC).

Its work begins with forecasting the flows of Official Development Assistance (ODA); information that is collected from all participants in Spanish cooperation. This forecasts are used to inform partner counties with which Spain carries out cooperation work of the flows that they can expect to receive, in order to help them with their own planning.

The forecasts are sent to the DAC, which drafts and publishes an ODA Advance report, and are also used to prepare the budgetary report with regard to Official Development Assistance.

In addition to these forecasts, the service also performs an annual round of detailed data collection about the cooperation activities carried out by all contributors to Spanish cooperation. These activities are classified according to DAC methods, analysed and also form the basis of the Development Assistance Monitoring report. Both the details of the cooperation flows and the Monitoring reports are published so they can be accessed by any member of society.

The fruits of this labour form the basis of multiple studies carried out by researchers in various fields related to development. They are also used, together with the lessons learnt from the evaluations carried out by Spanish cooperation itself and the reviews of the Spanish system within the international field (DAC Peer Review) as input for drafting new plans.

In order to carry out its data collection, analysis and publication work, the Statistical service (together with the IT Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) has created a programme known as Info@OD. This programme has a Reporting module through which cooperation participants involved in development assistance (General State Administration, Autonomous Communities, local businesses, universities) can report their activities. It also has an Analysis module, on which the reported cooperation flows can be consulted and analysed. This module is available online to the general public and can be accessed through the Spanish cooperation website.

Link to Info@OD analista

In addition to its data collection, analysis and publication work regarding cooperation flows, the statistical service also takes part in international debates in the CAD Statistical Group of the OECD. Thanks to this participation, Spain has an influential voice in important development matters, such as the current debates stimulated by, among other things, the redefinition of cooperation in general as part of the Post-2015 process and by the adaptation of ODA and other flows to new realities.

As part of its work, the statistical service makes a special contribution to increasing the transparency of Spanish cooperation, especially since the creation of the Info@OD system. This key aspect of its work is also reflected on an international level with our participation in IATI, the International Aid Transparency Initiative, TR-Aid and the creation by  Publish what you fund of an international transparency index.

ODA data collection timeline

  1. AOD monitoring survey
  2. Progress of ODA monitoring
  3. Deadline for delivery of the Segment survey: April 30
  4. ODA estimates in the General State Budgets
  5. AOD Survey Forecasts

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