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Promoting economic opportunities

Two images: A women on her knees sawing wood wearing a Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation T-shirt. Two indigenous Andean women sat writing at a table.


In order for countries to achieve stable and sustainable growth, economic opportunities must be extended to the whole population, especially to people affected by poverty and who mainly live in rural or peri-urban areas. Inclusive and sustainable economic growth must be approached in a multi-sectoral manner, with a gender perspective, applied in line with the aid effectiveness agenda and by making complementary use of Spanish Cooperation tools. The final goal of this approach is to ensure that populations that are excluded from income-generating processes can contribute to, participate in and benefit from the average growth of countries.

Given that the existence of poverty in rural and peri-urban areas is a characteristic feature of developing countries, it becomes vitally important to link sufficient territorial integration with the processes of inclusive economic growth to which Spanish Cooperation looks to contribute.

This work is carried out in coordination with other areas such as migration and development or the international agenda for development funding, including direct foreign investment consistent with development or remittances, without forgetting the potential offered by the return on the human capital of immigrants.


Graph showing the orientation goal, approach and lines of workEstrategia SectorialEstrategia de Construcción


The work of the Secretary-General's Office for Cooperation:

1. Rural and territorial development, with agriculture as a key sector

  • Participation in the Cooperation Council Working Group on the Socio-economic Fabric.
  • Attending the EC Expert Group on Private Sector Development.
  • Monitoring the Global Donor Platform of Rural Development.

2. Inclusive and sustainable economic growth

  • Production of the Aid for Trade statistics, in coordination with the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO). Establishing Spain's position on Aid for Trade and monitoring international trade agreements.
  • Attending the EU Expert Group on Private Sector Development. Monitoring private sector communication.
  • Attending the EU Expert Group on Green Economy.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility:

        Assisting in the diffusion of the National CSR Strategy.
        Assisting in the diffusion of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights.

  • Participation in the post-2015 discussions on Economic Growth and Employment at the heart of the United Nations, the European Union, the OECD and the G20.
  • Monitoring the Post-2015 Agenda discussions on Energy. Monitoring the discussions on private sector inclusion in the Global Partnership.


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