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Navarre Association of Friends of the SADR (ANARASD)

Emergency food aid for Sahrawi refugee camps
BoliviaTAU FoundationFood and nutrition security and healthcare programmes in 10 disadvantaged communities in the Colquechaca municipality
BoliviaAction Against HungerBuilding networks of organisations for indigenous businesswomen: economic empowerment of indigenous Guaraní women in the Chaco Cruceño region (Phase 3)
ColombiaAlboan FoundationCultural and territorial management of indigenous communities in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
ColombiaMugarik Gabe Nafarroa AssociationInternational support and observation to protect activists for human rights and displaced communities
ColombiaAlmáciga Intercultural Working GroupStrengthening the activities of the ACIN Association in the protection of indigenous community land rights and the rights of indigenous women in Cauca Phase 2
ColombiaAssociation of Technicians and Workers without Borders (ATTSF)Consolidation of the education process in the municipality of Cajibío through the construction of classrooms and school-based healthcare units
CubaMugarik Gabe Nafarroa AssociationEmpowerment of rural women and contribution to food security in rural communities in the Cienfuegos province
EcuadorPROCLADE Yanapay FoundationConsolidation of agri- and ecotourism, with a gender-equality perspective, in indigenous and mestizo organisations in the Napo and Pastaza provinces
EcuadorSpanish Province of the Order of Capuchin Friars MinorThe promotion and defence of interculturality and access to rights for indigenous communities and peoples in Orellana
EcuadorSpanish Province of the Order of Capuchin Friars MinorEmpowerment of women and young people in Francisco de Orellana
EcuadorUNICEF - Navarre CommitteePromotion of education models fostering positive lifestyles and the prevention of violence among vulnerable adolescents and young people
El SalvadorTrade Union Institute for Development Cooperation (ISCOD)Strengthening the organisational and productive capacities of 7 coffee cooperatives in the Paracentral region
El SalvadorFelipe Rinaldi FoundationSocial participation as a key factor in the process of implementing the healthcare reform (Phase 2)
SpainDevelopment NGO Coordinator - Navarre (CONGDN)Convention on Collaboration for Development Cooperation
SpainPublic University of NavarreSolidarity Training Programme
SpainAssembly of Cooperation for Peace (ACPP)Schools without Racism, school for Peace and Development
SpainÁfrica Imprescindible Association, represented by the PROCLADE Yanapay FoundationÁfrica imprescindible 2013
SpainPeace and Solidarity Foundation of NavarreFrom sun to sun; a journey through life in the North and the South
SpainAlboan FoundationEducation; a right for everyone
SpainUNICEF - Navarre CommitteeUNICEF Enrédate educational programme
The PhilippinesAction Against HungerEmergency aid for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines
The PhilippinesUNICEF - Navarre CommitteeEmergency aid for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines
GuatemalaManos Unidas Association (Campaign against world hunger)Mayan women's right to a life free from violence and discrimination
GuatemalaINTERMON OXFAMMayan women's right to a life free from violence and discrimination
GuatemalaAyuda entre los Pueblos Organisation of Navarre (ONAY)Boosting production among 600 indigenous women from small communities in the departments of Chimaltanango and Sololá
GuatemalaMundubat FoundationStrengthening the autonomy and economic empowerment of women in the Ixcán municipality
GuatemalaOrganisation of Cooperation and International Solidarity (OCSI/AMS)Consolidation of a food sovereignty strategy to reduce malnutrition in San Juan Atitán and Santiago Chimaltenango
GuatemalaAyuda entre los Pueblos Organisation of Navarre (ONAY)Improving food availability and access to health and nutrition in 3 Kaqchikel municipalities in the central highlands of Guatemala
GuatemalaUNICEF - Navarre Committee180 Days to Save a Life: exclusive breastfeeding
HaitiAssembly of Cooperation for Peace (ACPP)Improving food-security conditions, agricultural and livestock production capacity, environmental conditions and community-based organisation among 554 families in the community of Baie d’Orange in Belle-Anse region
HaitiNew Future Association of Navarre (ANNF)Improving the nutritional health of pregnant women and women breastfeeding children between 0 and 5 years old, on the Haitian border
IndiaPROCLADE Yanapay FoundationImproving the quality of education in the rural area of Gothani
KenyaAfrican Medical and Research Foundation AMREF FLYING DOCTORSHydatidosis prevention and control (Phase 2)
MaliAction Against HungerIntegrated project supporting the fight against malnutrition in urban environments
MaliUNICEF Foundation - Navarre CommitteeProgramme for improving health and hygiene conditions in primary schools in the Mopti and Kulikoro communities
MozambiqueMundukide FoundationPhase 1 of the Socio-Economic Development Programme of the District of Balama, Cabo Delgado-Niassa corridor
MozambiquePublic University of NavarreImproving agriculture through the development of Food Technology, offering teacher training and support to the Engineering School of the Catholic University of Mozambique
NicaraguaFelipe Rinaldi FoundationDevelopment and organisation of the San Ramón municipality
NicaraguaAlboan FoundationPromotion of education policies for the universal right to a quality education
NicaraguaAction Against HungerComprehensive and harmonised management of natural resources in three micro basins in the dry corridor of Nicaragua to increase the resilience of vulnerable homes and ecosystems to the effects of climate change
NicaraguaUNICEF Foundation - Navarre CommitteeRegistration of children and adolescents on the Civil Register: a key process for reducing equity gaps
NicaraguaCompany of Mary International Solidarity Foundation (FISC)Quality and participatory universal education in the Nueva Vida neighbourhood
PeruCompany of Mary International Solidarity Foundation (FISC)Implementation of local gender-equality policies in the provinces of San Pablo and Contumazá
PeruPeace and Solidarity Foundation of NavarreEnvironmental management and education in the Colca Valley
PeruPeace and Solidarity Foundation of NavarreProduction support for rural women and their role in local development in the Jauja province
PeruRode FoundationComprehensive improvements in the central zone of the Lucuchanga Micro Basin: creating healthy family environments, promoting sustainable farming development and building human and institutional capacities
PeruPROCLADE Yanapay FoundationBoosting production, collaboration and management skills and the creation of business links within grape production
PeruPeace and Solidarity Foundation of NavarreBuilding productive and organisational skills in rural families, with a gender equality perspective, in the provinces of Parinacochas and Paucar del Sara Sara - Ayacucho
PeruAlboan FoundationStrengthening productive and organisational skills
among women and young people in the Tigremayo micro basin, Cusipata district, Cusco
PeruFelipe Rinaldi FoundationComprehensive development of water, sanitation and food-security services in the native Ashanika community of Santa Bárbara de Sanibeni and the village of Bajo Capiro for healthy community development Satipo
PeruNew Future Association of Navarre (ANNF)Supporting the adaptation of the Wawa Wasi National Programme to the new Cuna Más National Programme
PeruIntermón OxfamRural Women's Rights and Climate Change: Rural women against climate change
PeruJoint initiative between the Peace and Solidarity Foundation and the Foundation for Environmental Research, Development and Innovation (represented by the first)Technical support in the introduction of new technologies for waste water treatment in two districts in the Colca Valley
PeruEngineers Without Borders - Navarre (ISFN/NMGI)The solidarity economy: a model for harmonising local development and environmental management in the Crisnejas River basin
PeruAction Against HungerThe fight against infant malnutrition in the Central Sierra of Peru
PeruMadre Coraje AssociationIntegrated Land Development Programme in Angaraes: healthy families and homes
Democratic Republic of the CongoAyuda entre los Pueblos Organisation of Navarre (ONAY)Start up and launch of the Mont-Ngafula General Hospital of Reference (GHR) in Kinshasa Monkole Medical Centre
Democratic Republic of the CongoMedicus Mundi NavarreFriendly societies specialising in healthcare in the Kinshasa, Équateur and Bas-Congo provinces
Democratic Republic of the CongoNakupenda África AssociationPublication of textbooks for primary and secondary education centres in the archdiocese of Bukavu
República Democrática del CongoAyuda entre los Pueblos Organisation of Navarre (ONAY)Training, support and technical advice for the Mont-Ngafula General Hospital of Reference
RwandaVita et Pax in Christo JesuAIDS prevention and awareness project
SyriaSpanish Committee for the UNRWAEmergency response plan for Syria Support for Syrian refugees and people displaced within Syria due to the conflict
The Palestinian territoriesDoctors of the World (MdM)Improving the accessibility and quality of metal health services by integrating mental health into the primary care system and by developing links with civil society organisations in Area C of the Jericho district
VariousMedicus Mundi NavarreA comprehensive and inclusive model based on the fundamental right to health
VariousAction Against HungerEmergency relief for the most vulnerable victims of sudden or slow-onset humanitarian crises, focusing on basic needs.


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