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Projects of the Autonomous Community of Aragon

Cooperation practitioner working with schoolchildren


The Trade Union Institute for Development CooperationBasic Development Programme in the SADR
BoliviaThe Ecology and Development Foundation [ECODES]Sustainable Productive Initiatives to boost income and food safety in rural communities in the South of Bolivia (second year)
BoliviaMedicus Mundi AragonComprehensive health in the Villa Vaca Guzmán municipality
ChadCatholic Social Action [Acción Social Católica]Food self-sufficiency training in Bayaka
ChadEntreculturas - Fe y Alegría FoundationEntreculturas - Fe y Alegría Foundation
ChadOxfam Intermón FoundationSupporting skill-building activities for productive organisations and producers, and the commercialisation of groundnuts and of its sub-products in the Mandoul region
Democratic Republic of the CongoIntered FoundationPromotion of the right to a quality education through training educators and providing access to educational resources in the Bandundu province
Democratic Republic of the CongoMedicus Mundi AragonImproving the coverage and quality of health-care services in the Bongondé health area located in the Bolenge health zone in province of Équateur
EcuadorHuauquipura AssociationConsolidation of rural community organisations through the rehabilitation and irrigation of cacao crops in the Los Ríos province
El SalvadorThe Trade Union Institute for Development CooperationImproving production, commercialisation and agricultural distribution conditions in 14 communities in the Ahuachapán, La Libertad and Sonsonate departments
GuatemalaInternational Solidarity CommitteeContributing to reducing the negative social impact of the effects of climate change in the Western Highlands
GuatemalaJuan Bonal FoundationEmpowerment of indigenous q´eqchí women in Bolonco villages (alta verapaz) through professional training and work placement programmes
GuatemalaPaz y Solidaridad Foundation CCOO [Trade Union Confederation of Workers' Commissions] AragonSafe water supply and environmental sanitation project for the Chimoté Community, Cobán, Alta Verapaz
HondurasArapaz Movement for Peace, Disarmament and FreedomDrinking water supply and basic sanitation for rural communities in the Yoro municipality
NicaraguaAragonese Solidarity Action [ASA]Continuity and closure project for the Masaya municipality, "Registering on the civil register: a right for having access to rights. Phase 2"
NicaraguaThe Ecology and Development Foundation [ECODES]Improving comprehensive management of hydraulic resources with an emphasis on water quality in the Jinotega municipality and department (Nicaragua) - second year
NicaraguaFamilias Unidas FoundationEnvironmental and recycling education; a project to improve environmental conditions in Nicaragua
NicaraguaMás Vida FoundationEnhancing the ability to generate income and improving food safety in rural communities in the Departments of Nueva Segovia and Estelí, Nicaragua Phase 2
NicaraguaManos Unidas AssociationImproving human development conditions through participation-based access to health and education services in the municipality of Terrabona, Matagalpa department (Year 2)
Various countriesArapaz Movement for Peace, Disarmament and FreedomSending emergency humanitarian aid to civil population with basic needs, the Sahel region Mauritania, Mali, Senegal, Algeria
Dominican RepublicFamilias Unidas FoundationSocio-sanitary programme for improving health among the inhabitants of two suburban neighbourhoods in Santo Domingo Norte, D.R., with an emphasis on prevention and special care for infants and women
Dominican RepublicSan Valero FoundationBroadening the range of Professional Training (Accounting and Finance) available in a marginal neighbourhood of Santo Domingo (Aragon Polytechnic University) to assist disadvantaged women to enter the labour market
Territories under the administration of the Palestinian AuthoritiesCáritas Autonómica de Aragón OrganisationJob creation through improving basic sanitation services in the town of Beit Sahour Final stage


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