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Policy coherence of Spanish Cooperation

The main body that should be responsible for Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) is the Administration itself at its various levels (State, regional and local), through seeking out the greatest possible synergies between public policy and the activity of other entities (such as businesses) that are likely to have a positive impact on development goals. Based on the proposals made by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Union, the two most conceptually advanced organisations in terms of PCD, we plan to work progressively on five PCD-related global challenges: food security, trade and tax evasion, security and climate change. Initially, we will mainly focus on economic matters (trade, foreign investment, external debt) and tax evasion, without completely abandoning the other challenges. PCD aims to contribute to international cooperation by developing a strategic policy with a unique profile and the ability to make an impact in the international community.

 An African women holding up a very long stickWe focus on:

1. Increasing understanding within the Administration and other entities about the PCD concept.

2. Improving PCD analysis, monitoring progress and sharing results: it will be necessary to strengthen our ability to analyse and manage the impact that international activity (both Official Development Assistance, ODA, and non-ODA funded activity) could have on development in our partner countries. The revival of the PCD Network as a privileged means of identifying the most significant actions in terms of PCD, with the identification of any possible points of conflict as a top priority.

3. In order to ensure sufficient analytical ability, the Office of the Secretary-General for International Development Cooperation (SGCID) will reinforce its existing resources, capitalising on non-governmental resources.

4. Improving coordination of people working in the main offices, people in the field and coordination between them both for an appropriate approach to PCD.

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