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Planning and management geared towards development results

Photograph of a Caribbean girl; a beneficiary of Spanish Cooperation


The 4th Master Plan for Spanish Cooperation shows our firm commitment to framing our activities within a development results-based approach. Looking to our areas of activity, we not only aim to achieve these results in the field of development cooperation, but also in the field of humanitarian aid and development education.

Within this context, these development results must be clearly defined in our dialogue with our representatives and must be adapted to the context of each of the areas in which they work.

With the aim of increasing the effectiveness of our activities, development results-based management is applied in the field through the creation of the Country Association Framework Agreements (MAP) and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation Operating Schedule.

In addition, this type of management is also being adopted at a multilateral level in the Strategic Association Framework Agreements with multilateral development organisations (OMUDES). These agreements are designed to ensure a more effective use of resources by establishing more selective and strategic agreements.

From this same perspective and through the best possible management of knowledge, initiatives have been launched that involve all the areas of work outlined in the 4th Master Plan, with the aim of optimising each and every one.

  • Improving our work with all Development Cooperation participants by following an explicitly results-based plan and by applying a participatory and responsible method for managerial, procedural and budgetary transparency.
  • Improving our ability to broaden the scope of our activities through the creation and strengthening of technical focal point networks and the adaptation of planning to the cycles marked by the Spanish Cooperation system.
  • Improving monitoring of our expected results through an efficient and reliable evaluation system that allows us to capitalise on the lessons learnt and the opportunity to promote best practices. This monitoring and ongoing revision of our management gives us an idea of how our activities are progressing and the chance to realign them, if necessary, to the targets established in the operating schedule.

To achieve this, we promote a distinctive set of actions among all participants in the Spanish Cooperation system:

  • The development of a training plan specifically related to results-based management, which teaches our partners to successfully apply this method.
  • The performance of comparative analysis between the management systems used by different donors and production of informative and teaching material on this subject.
  • The revision and updating of existing association framework agreements to equip them with the technical means to enable monitoring and evaluation.
  • The launch of a tool for monitoring all Spanish Agency activities.
  • The appointment of people responsible for achieving these aims within a focal point network.
  • The strengthening of skills related to the monitoring and evaluation of activities among other Spanish Cooperation participants and partners, and
  • The broadening of communication channels between all different participants, with the aim of achieving genuine synchronisation of all initiatives for a clear optimisation of the desired results.
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