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Info@OD: Aid in figures

Info@od is a computer application that provides the user with a range of information about Spanish Cooperation Official Development Assistance.

The main aim of the application is to increase public access to this type of information.

To achieve these aims, Info@od has various different, yet interconnected, modules:

  • Info@od analysis module: Open access tool for fast and transparent searching and analysis of Spanish ODA data. It creates tables and reports depending on the parameters set by the user. It is designed for users with a background in international cooperation who wish to carry out in-depth analysis on Spanish ODA data. However, it can also be used by the general public to produce less complex reports.
  • Cooperation in figures: Open access tool that provides general information about Spanish ODA. This tool seeks to provide an intuitive and dynamic platform where the general public can find out more about Spanish Cooperation. It is currently under development and is scheduled to go live in 2014.
  • Info@od reporting module: A limited access platform for collecting information about international cooperation projects. This platform is used by all official participants (Ministries, Autonomous Communities. FEMP and state universities), as well as some private universities, to provide information about their cooperation activities. The data collected on this module is fed into the Info@OD analysis and Info@od information modules.

Info@OD modules

  1. Reporting
  2. Analysis
  3. Information

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