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How we work

Spanish Cooperation practitioner working with Asian schoolchildren


Spanish Cooperation is firmly dedicated to improving the impact of its actions and to building and strengthening a unique profile that will set it apart from other donors.

To do this, not only are we introducing various innovative aspects that will position us as a modern cooperation system able to provide the most effective response to development challenges, following in the footsteps of our neighbouring donor countries, but we are also exploring aspects that have been barely touch on in the past, such as the introduction of a learning-based culture, knowledge management, transparency and accountability. The progress made in these fields allows us to continue discovering new ways to improve strategic decision making and planning processes, moving towards a management system designed to maximise development results. All this lays the institutional foundations for ensuring a sustainable aid effectiveness and quality agenda with a continually expanding scope, looking to the Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) principle, which seeks to build synergies between non-cooperation policies and development goals, as an excellent complementary means of improving aid effectiveness.

These aspects are described in greater detail below.

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