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Governance and Human Rights

A lack of governance, together with insufficient development of the appropriate policies and pockets of poverty are just some of the factors that could prevent the Millennium Development Goals from being achieved. Investment in public institutions, civil freedoms, freedom of the press, gender equality and the fight against corruption through enhanced transparency are basic examples of the benefits to be gained if sustainable development is achieved, in addition to a reduction of poverty.Blue Human Rights logo

For Spanish Cooperation, democratic governance is the key to guaranteeing social and political peace. It contributes to eradicating inequality, underpins the strength of States, opens the path to democracy in other countries and streamlines the increasing demand on the environment. Democratic governance is a vital element that grants States the ability to adopt an integrated, competent and legitimate approach to human development.

To achieve these goals, we carry out the following tasks:

  • We establish the planning process for Spanish Cooperation, fostering a rights-based approach and a strong focus on promoting democratic governance for both the international agenda and the national plan.
  • We take part in and coordinate the formulation and monitoring of policies with international organisations, fundamentally the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Human Rights Council (in close collaboration with the Human Rights Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) and UN ART.
  • We coordinate Spanish participants in the definition of governance policies, according to their respective fields of activity.
  • We work with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation to create havens of good governance in our partner countries, with a special focus on the protection of vulnerable minorities where indigenous communities in Latin America stand out as a top priority.



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