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Group of women from Rajasthan; a Spanish Cooperation Project


20 years on from the 4th World Conference in Beijing , there is still much work to be done to achieve gender equality all over the world, as shown in the various reports and consultations that formed part of the Post-2015 Agenda drafting process. The promotion of women's rights and gender equality is a defining feature of Spanish Cooperation and is classified as a double priority (transversal and specific). In order to develop a Gender-related approach to Development, our operating principles are as follows:

  • We strive for the genuine integration of a Gender-related approach to Development throughout the entire Spanish Cooperation system and in all fields of activity, from planning to the operating schedule, management and evaluation.
  • We identify, support and monitor global initiatives for empowering women and for gender equality , both within the United Nations (UN-WomenUNFPAUNDPUNICEF) and in the European Union.
  • We coordinate the organisations that contribute to Spanish Cooperation, working with public agencies (policy coherence) as well as civil society and universities.

In terms of the specific goal of moving towards greater aid effectiveness in order to safeguard economic and employment, social and political, gender and reproductive, and cultural rights, we work to establish formal and real equality, organising specific activities for the empowerment of girls and women and especially for those who suffer the worse forms of violence and discrimination.


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