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Directorate General for Sustainable Development Policies

Pursuant to Royal Decree 768/2017, of 28 July, implementing the basic organisational structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and amending Royal Decree 424/2016, of 11 November, setting out the basic organisational structure of the ministerial departments, the Directorate General for Sustainable Development Policies (Spanish initials, DGPOLDES) is responsible for assisting the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and for Latin America and the Caribbean with formulating, managing, executing, monitoring and evaluating the international sustainable development cooperation policy.

The Directorate General has the powers over the units reporting to it that are included in article 66 of Law 40/2015, of 1 October; and, in particular, it is responsible for exercising the following powers:

a) Drawing up the Master Plan and Annual Communications on international cooperation.

b) Drawing up and monitoring development policies and development strategies, in accordance with the international principles of effective aid.

c) Fostering international sustainable development cooperation strategies and making them consistent throughout the Public Administrations within the framework of the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, without prejudice to the powers corresponding to other ministerial departments.

d) Taking part, in cooperation with the bodies in the General State Administration that have been assigned powers in this area, in drawing up theEuropean Union policy on cooperation and development.

e) Taking part, in cooperation with the bodies in the General State Administration that have been given powers in this area, in drawing up, coordinating and monitoring Spain’s policy on development organisations and multilateral initiatives, especially the United Nations, European Union, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), G20, Ibero-American General Secretariat and Organization of American States.

f) Performing the tasks of calculating and monitoring official Spanish development aid, and sending the data to the Development Aid Committee (DAC) of the OECD.

g) Liaising with the consultative and coordinating bodies of Spanish Cooperation (Cooperation Council, Inter-Territorial Commission and Inter-Ministerial Commission), and carrying out and monitoring the issues adopted by them; reporting back on the activities and results of Spanish Cooperation to the Spanish Parliament and Spanish society; and implementing the communication policy for this area.

h) Promoting education, research and studies on and about development and coordinating the stakeholders in the area of development cooperation.

i) Analysing and contributing to the drawing up of the proposed funding for multilateral development organisations, in coordination with the other units in the Department, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation and other ministerial departments with powers in this area.

j) Taking part in international forums, including those on the effectiveness and quality of development aid, such as the OECD DAC and the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation.

k) Arranging, coordinating and monitoring evaluations of international cooperation strategies, instruments, actions, programmes and projects; issuing recommendations for improving the actions, managing knowledge and publishing evaluation reports; improving the system for evaluating Spanish cooperation and promoting a culture of evaluation among the stakeholders in the system; and taking part in international development policy evaluation networks, especially the DAC Network on Development Evaluation.

The following report to the Directorate-General of Sustainable Development Polices: the Sub-Directorate General for Planning and Policy Coherence, the Sub-Directorate General for Multilateral and European Development Policies, and the Development Policy Evaluation and Knowledge Management Division.


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