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Advisory bodies for Spanish Cooperation

Flags of the Autonomous Communities that participate in Spanish Cooperation, at the entrance to the Senate


The advisory and coordination bodies for development cooperation are:

  • The Development Cooperation Council.
  • The Inter-territorial Committee for Development Cooperation.
  • The Inter-ministerial Committee for Development Cooperation.

The Development Cooperation Councilthe advisory body for General State Administration and for participation in the definition of international development cooperation policy. In addition to the Administration, the Development Cooperation Council also includes social organisations, experts, specialist NGOs and private institutions and entities from the field of development assistance.

Its activities include: drawing up preliminary reports for any draft bills or other general State Administration legislation on matters related to development cooperation, the information used to draft the Master Plan proposal and the findings from cooperation evaluation results, among others.

The Inter-territorial Committee for Development Cooperation: the body for coordination, harmonisation and collaboration between public administrations, which is supported by the Autonomous Communities, local enterprises and intra-municipal coordination programmes organised between various government departments. Its duties include promoting coherence, complementarity, effectiveness and efficiency targets for the identification, formulation and implementation of development cooperation programmes and projects and for participation in drafting the Master Plan, among others.

The Inter-ministerial Committee for Development Cooperation: the General State Administration inter-departmental technical coordination body for matters relating to development cooperation.

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