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About us

Halstag we are cooperation

Spanish Cooperation is the sum of all people, institutions, resources and skills that Spain offers to developing countries with the end goal of contributing to human development, the eradication of poverty and full access to rights. It is based on a broad political and social consensus on a national level in line with the following principles:

  • The recognition of all human beings in their individual and collective capacity, as protagonists and beneficiaries of development cooperation policies.
  • The defence and promotion of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms, of peace, democracy and social participation in equal measure for both men and women, and, in general, of respect for diversity and the eradication of discrimination based on gender, race, culture or religion.
  • The need to foster global, interdependent, participatory, sustainable and gender-equitable human development throughout the world, establishing the principle of joint-responsibility between States with regard to guaranteeing and strengthening the efficiency and coherence of development cooperation policies, in order to achieve their shared goal of eradicating poverty from the world.
  • The promotion of durable and sustainable economic growth accompanied by measures in support of the fair redistribution of wealth in order to improve living conditions and access to health-related, educational and cultural services, and the general well-being of all citizens.
  • Respect for the resolutions adopted by international Organisations.

With the aim of ensuring that Spanish Cooperation is represented on a national and international level, respecting its richly diverse range of participants and presenting the shared targets and unity of action conceived on this website.

Its key target are:

  • To provide a platform for access to information and advice for all citizens and cooperation participants.
  • To facilitate communion and coordination between these participants and with citizens.
  • To reinforce the visibility of Spanish Cooperation as a united community and to share the value of its unique nature on the international stage.

Ultimately, this is not the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation website and it does not replace the website of any contributors. It is a platform for highlighting the importance of international development cooperation,  for joining forces to achieve cooperation targets and for sharing experiences and information.

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